When they ask us how we produce such beautiful and prestigious wooden hangers, the answer is simple and only one:

You just need to know how to do everything well

For us, am hanger is not just an accessory, but a product of value, with a story to tell.
We are artisans, we are a factory, a place of production par excellence.
A place where the ability to know how to do things exists, which means putting the product at the centre of attention, as well as its compliance with the requested characteristics.

We are perfectionists: all our hangers contain and reveal an authentic cult for details. Because only in the details is the rigour of the production process achieved, respect for clients who are more and more demanding, the ethics of those who demand the best from themselves.

With courage and determination we have taken the experience and passion of our father, who taught us the craft.
Each of our hangers tells about how we do things: we are reliable and professional in our culture and tradition, innovative out of the love we have for our work and the raw materials we use.

A look at our hangers is enough
to understand who we are and how we work



The solidity of a firm with more than fifty years of history, its design capability, the total flexibility in producing customised solutions, the incomparable care for details and small parts: all this means a product that is 100% Made in Italy.


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