The force of nature

Wood is a living material, which moves, is deformed and transformed.
We shape this material.
Our hangers take form here.

Only our experience permits the best use and enhancement of wood.
We work it knowing all of its characteristics and potential, transforming it and giving new form, emphasising its seductive power.

Beech, ash, oak, walnut, cherry, maple, fir, poplar and cedar: the most prestigious woods of our continent give life to objects and details of inimitable quality and value.

QUALITY that is not only a word, but a combination of choices and concrete gestures in every phase of production, an entirely internal production cycle.
We start with the selection of raw materials, from the cutting of the elements, from the control of machines that transform them, to their successive assembly.

This exclusive quality strategy preserves tradition, and transforms wood into perfectly manufactured products.
Evidence of the highest values of products Made in Italy and an unaltered passion for a work that is born of our own hands and our own mind.

Our firm is equipped with a large warehouse for the storage of beech wood raw materials and semi-finished hangers: a true treasure, thanks to which we are able to respond in very quick timeframes to any request.

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