...and Colour

Materials, surfaces, veining, thicknesses... and colour.

In our work we explore colour with creative curiosity, elegance, vitality and research experience, in the constant refinement of hues.
The design of our wooden hangers is thus embellished with chromatic sensitivity, as we clothe shapes, we transform an environment and we emit vibrations.
There is no limit to the possibilities of mixing effects to achieve original and unexpected results.

Here craftsmanship, creativity and experimentation come into play to conceive and forge new unique objects.
Choose the colour of various finishes, from dyes to varnishes, the metallic parts, the velvets, the personalization produced by laser or colour pad printing: all this becomes a talented interpretation.
Like a poem.

A melody of accompaniments representing compositional freedom, a unique and recognisable style.
A wealth of colours and hues that make each single hanger a unique and unrepeatable object.

Research into the production of new shapes and finishes and constant expansion of our production capacity permit us to offer today a vast range of models to satisfy the most demanding quality and quantity requirements.