History, Research, Creation

A clothes hanger is an ensemble of curves and surfaces.
Their balance gives life to an object that is a compendium of aesthetics and wearability.

The size, the shoulder width and the profile of the neck define the shape and design of a hanger.

Today we have a collection of over 200 combinations, a treasure chest of culture and professionalism that places La Turnia srl among the top firms worldwide for the design and manufacture of wooden hangers.

Hangers and shapes that are synonymous with elegance, artisan craftsmanship and unmistakeable Italian style.
Our internal packaging cycle clothes our collections with a tailoring process that distinguishes our firm for its attention to detail and high quality materials.

The technology and production techniques are new, the ideas for improving performance and the products are innovative, but the heart of our hangers remains unaltered: wood and ancient know-how.